Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Canadian baby...

Getting started in my new business

Wow! It is hard, even with passion. I hope my need to make this venture prosperous does not eat away at the passion.

My very business savy brother in law gave me sound advise. He is a "visionary".

He thinks big.

He suggested staying away from doing local school sports team to get my name out there and bring in some startup cash.

He's talking ... bigger..mounted photgraphs...etc

This, I would love to do,but I feel I can't lift my eyes high enough. I feel like I am drowing right now...

Someone suggested I could sell my photos online....

What do you think... Any suggestions?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

new photos

Summer is gone all too fast....

Jackson, a cute little guy at almost three months

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Business Venture

I will be adding to my portfolio this weekend. I'll be photograpghing my good friend with here children. Love black and white. I have been using this for years before it was chic.
I hate school pictures and trying to get our kids into a studio nowaday is cost prohibitive for many and still too "posed" for me.
I know many parents love to have affordable pictures of their children and not the "cookie cutter" ones you have to choose from at most places.
I love natural light, no studio and children. I may add adults but prefer infants, children and actually those in their "twilight years"....

New Business Venture

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday morning...

Been up for a couple of hours now.
Salvation Army cleared out the non-selling garage sale stuff from last weeks sale.
Out went the baby girl clothes.
Thank you to the soon to be Nana that bought almost every piece of maternity clothing that I had put out. The chances that I was going to sell any of it I had heard would be slim. I am normally a size 2...but I had some really cute stuff.
Wear it well and happy, healthy pregnancy to you!

I have to admit I cried a little. I would gladly have one more (#6) if it weren't for my age( I was 42 when I had Jackson in June) and I am in much better shape now than when I had my first at 27. Having said that, though, we must also realize that there is a cost to raising a child.
In today's economy, many people are finding themselves in difficult situations financially.
My husband and I had decided almost 7 years ago that I would stay at home to raise our then 2 children and care for my sick mother.
Now, with his career part of the automotive industry, we have found ourselves pulling our hair out month to month this last 2 years.
When we decided to bring my mother back from Wisconsin to her network in Ohio, my husband left a job he loved to let her live on her own closer to people she knew.
In full disclosure, he was offered a very handsome package by a company that he had worked for 20 years prior. His chest heaved with pride. I was a bit more skeptical, having heard rumors about the owner.
Less than a year after we had moved, he won an all expense paid trip to Maui... for doing such a good job. six months later we took the trip. Still doing a good job. One month after the return, July was not as good and they informed him he was on the fence. Three weeks later he was let go.
Never had this even been remotely considered a possibility in his career before.
He is a very trusting person and assumes the best in people.
So the story goes...blah blah blah
Here we are now...
Blah blah blah
I am updating my resume and seeing if I can start a business on my own while he considers the possibility of another field since the automotive industry stinks right now.
We would love to go back to Wisconsin, each have our own business and raise the kids close to their cousins..
But now I still need a new furnace and in this market I don't think we could give our house away!